Outsourcing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we outsourcing?

The economic and political fall out due to lingering effects of a global pandemic have fueled constant change in tax legislation and law. It has become increasingly difficult to hire local team members with the skill set we require. To maintain the highest level of service and commitment to our clients, we are outsourcing the data entry of the tax preparation process. Outsourcing will shorten turnaround time for data entry during the busiest time of the filing season. This will allow us to focus on the quality of each return, increase efficiency, and spend more time advising clients.

What services we are outsourcing?

We are only outsourcing the initial data entry component of the individual income tax returns for non-monthly clients.

How does this process work?

Our process is virtually unchanged. We will collect your tax information, scan it into our software and assign the return to a member of our seasonal tax team to prepare. Once the data entry is complete, a local, experienced team member will review the return. The review process will never be outsourced. You will be contacted when your return has been reviewed and is ready to be signed. No part of that process has changed.

Who is responsible for my tax return?

Jeb Williamson CPA LLC is ultimately responsible for the preparation and filing of your income tax returns as we always have been. Our internal processes are nearly unchanged. A local, experienced team member will review your returns and be available for questions when your returns are completed.

Who Is Entigrity?

Entigrity Is a U.S. based company that serves as a staffing agency for over 725 accounting firms. They provide our firm with a qualified and experienced seasonal tax preparer to supplement our local team. The preparer is based out of a modern and secure office and is supervised by our firm.

Is my data secure?

Yes, Entigrity shares our firm’s high commitment to keeping client information secure. We have carefully designed our tax workflow to maintain a maximum level of security.

Link to: entigrity.com/about.information-security